Q: Are they real condoms?
A: Oil Spill Condoms are real latex condoms that are FDA approved. Not only will they protect you from
accidental spills, but they’ll provide relief from long term drilling.

Q: Will they work?
A: Each FDA approved condom is guaranteed not to leak, but accidents do happen, so it’s best to buy
two, or even three. Besides, the more you buy, the more is donated to help rebuild the Gulf. To find out
more, click here

Q: What makes Oil Spill Condoms so special?
A: Oil Spill Condoms were designed to hold up under the rigorous pressure from deep drilling.

Q: What size are they?
A: Oil Spill Condoms are one size fits most. Unlike regular condoms, you won't experience a blow-out;
they'll contain your gusher!

Q: Usage tips.
A: Oil Spill Condoms do not like prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Don't let them go past their expi-
ration date. Like any irresponsible corporation, over time Oil Spill Condoms will become less effective
and prone to failure.